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Waggonner Center Staff

Dr. Jeremy J. Mhire, Director

o: 318-257-5486

Jeremy J. Mhire is the Director of the Waggonner Center for Civic Engagement and Public Policy, and an Associate Professor of Political Science at Louisiana Tech University. Before coming to Tech, Jeremy was a post-doctoral fellow in the Program on Constitutional Government at the University of Virginia (2006-08). He was also a visiting fellow in the Center for American Political Studies and the Department of Government at Harvard University (2009-10). His research interests include political philosophy and theory, classical and modern republicanism, and the history of the concept of natural right(s). He also helps to coordinate the University’s Cyber-Discovery initiative, which includes the innovative, interdisciplinary AICS project.  

Dr. Robert Whitaker, Research Fellow

Robert Whitaker is a Waggonner Center Research Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor at Louisiana Tech University. His project, "Policing Globalization: The Imperial Origins of International Police Cooperation, 1918-1960" studies the relationship between the British Empire and international police organizations, such as Interpol. Robert serves as an Associate Editor for the British Scholar Society, and is the creator of the video series History Respawned.

Dr. Kristen D. Burton, Research Fellow

Kristen D. Burton is a Waggonner Center Research Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Louisiana Tech University. She received her Ph.D. in transatlantic history from the University of Texas at Arlington. Her book project, “Spirits of Resistance: Alcohol, Drunkenness, and Rebellion in the Early Modern Atlantic,” looks at the ways slaves, indigenous peoples, and backcountry settlers used drunkenness as a means of resistance in North America and the Caribbean during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. She is the co-founder and Senior Editor of Traversea, an online, open access, and peer-reviewed journal of transatlantic history.

Dorene Dell Kordal, Administrative Assistant

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